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ATTOMIC Cupcake Freelance Makeup


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Spray Tans: $40


I use vegan, crulty free, 100% natural DHA spray tan solution.

Developed to enhance, accelerate and extend your bronzing experience.

Continuously voted “Best of the Best” by Allure magazine. Featured on dozens of television shows and magazines, our paraben-free products are universal. They work for all skin types and provide a completely natural, glowing color....NO ORANGE The Tanning solution use only the finest all-natural ingredients available. They include Certified Organic DHA, grapeseed oil, macadamia nut oil, witch hazel and Cucumber.  leaving you with a Dark, Streak Free, natural looking Tan... never tested on animals.

Makeup Lessons and Classes:

Individual makeup lesson ($100 per hour) we go through your makeup bag and update and minimize and add Key products that benefit your unique makeup needs and goals. I teach a custom Day to Night Look and then we go over any questions or makeup techniques you may want to learn.


Makeup Class aka PARTY!! ($100 per hour) usually party is 3 1/2-5 hours long..(similar idea to the individual classes) Except I have it set up Model and audience style seating. So whatever the individual woman's needs may be. everyone can listen and learn different tricks and tips that they can use! 

Teen Pre-Teen Makeup Party!! ($100 per girl) one of my favorite classes to teach ....xoxo... teaching skincare and makeup to our female youth! There is so much pressure with social media to look a certain way, I like to help teach our girls to love the skin they are IN!!!


I start the class with asking  the question 'what kind of makeup do you wear that makes you feel good??' and the next question following is ...'Do you cleanse your skin every night?... especially after wearing makeup!!!... then we dive into skincare !!! I love to teach the basic fundamentals to teenage girls matter what kind of makeup they use if they learn to always take care of there skin, anything else they put on there face will always look good!


I go over proper way to apply a "fresh makeup look" and we talk about current trends! it really is a good time, the girls have so much fun and hopefully gain some beauty skills they can carry into adulthood.


    DID YOU KNOW..60% of what you put on your skin is absorbed within the bloodstream in 26 seconds! Wowzers!!! Ditch your old beauty routine and SWITCH to vegan formulated makeup that performs as good if not better then the makeup you've been using and GAIN the skincare benefits that improve your skin just from putting your makeup on!!!





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